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Welcome to The World of Happy (Guilt Free) Feasting

Allow us to welcome you into the world of the few who love food. It is not merely the food itself or the consumption of it, that brings about the love we write about. No, not that kind of love.

We are referring to the love that encapsulates what food actually represents to many people around the world, and seeing as we just came out of a season where food, in all its glorious colors, took center stage and will continue to be a hot topic as we tackle all sorts of intentions and resolutions. Through these pages, we decided to give homage to one of the purest forms of love you will ever find. The love of gastronomy.

Gastronomy is defined as “the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.”

You see, food for some is merely a source of sustenance and one of the many ways towards self-preservation, a means to a proverbial end, a basic need. To many others though, food represents so much more. It is an epitome of love, a centerpiece to joy, a mark of great bonds and because this is a publication that is founded on happiness, we dare add that food is the foundation of some of the happiest moments of our lives. Food is the drumbeat that adds to this rhythm we call life. From the decisions of what to prepare to who you share and enjoy it with, good food doesn’t just happen. It takes a person with a great capacity to love and an even greater heart to fully immerse themselves in the process of making others happy.

This season, we invite you to look at the journey of food, not as a need that has to be met daily but an opportunity to immerse yourself in what it has to offer. Deep joy, connections with those you love, moments of kinship (that new colleague), creating memories, cultural experiences and exchange, avenue of learning and big adventures.

These pages, curated by The Perfect Serve, are meant to allow you (and us), a glimpse of who, what and where of the many food adventures one can take. Whether it is in your own kitchen, with our amazing recipes to try or learning about the many other people who have allowed this big love to engulf them, through our interviews with chefs and taste makers from the continent, to trying out new food spaces for your next office party.

We also ask that, this festive season, you open yourself up to a different, possibly new, way of choosing, cooking, and eating good food and that you consider the art of happy and guilt free- feasting.

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