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EDITOR'S NOTE - A Shot To Embracing Equity

Full disclosure, I haven’t always believed in many of the special days we choose to commemorate on the global human calendar, especially those that seek to shine a light on the deeper issues that form the fabric of our existence. Gender disparities are one of them. In a world that, on the one hand, has for centuries pushed the agenda that women belong in the kitchen and that cooking is a woman’s job, while at the same time, it’s clear to see that men dominate the actual paid work of professional cooking, it’s often difficult to imagine a world where these issues are resolved.

But this March, as we commemorate International Women’s Month under the theme EmbraceEquity, I am reminded of the heavy lifting that both women and men have done and continue to do to move us ahead and create spaces where women can excel in the food and lifestyle space.

In recent years, women have carved out new paths within the food industry. For example, food and restaurant photography which has become a make-or-break necessity in the success of all food bloggers, publishers, authors, chefs and restaurants worldwide, is dominated by women who make up 62.8% of food photographers globally (insert applause). Not only that, but women are also stepping into territory ordinarily unknown to them, like Nikki Gomes, the Scotch Whiskey connoisseur, redefining the art of Whiskey and pushing for gender Equity within the alcohol industry and Kesego Moeng, leading the way for women mixologists owning their greatness. We celebrate these women and all those supporting the charge!

Bottoms Up,

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