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The Perfect Serve

Second Issue Moments

Second Issue Moments

Women and Whisky Experience Curated By The Perfect Serve

Women and Whisky Experience Curated By The Perfect Serve

When you think Whisky, you quickly think burly men in suits, sealing business deals over a neat whiskey on the rocks. So, we decided to switch the script, change the narrative and invite a few discerning female forces for an evening of whiskey cocktails, conversation and thanks to our guest Whisky Ambassador from Chivas Regal, Nikki Gomes – a Masterclass to remember!

*Alcohol is not for Sale to Any Persons under the Age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.

DSTv Delicious Festival

DSTV Delicious Festival

The DSTV Delicious festival was an awesome two days of music by major international and local acts, celebrity Chef demonstrations and a gourmet food, drinks and wine market.

*Alcohol is not for Sale to Any Persons under the Age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.

Your Perfect Braai Essentials

Your Perfect Braai Essentials

Braai? Yes! Whether you call it a braai or barbeque, still a thousand times, YES! A sacred social tradition which apparently, like many brilliant ideas, was an accident. The discovery of fire by man was monumental in human history; it then followed that some unknowing genius would drop a piece of meat into a fire, changing the food game forever! We’ve come a long way since then, and the braais keep getting better and better! Tumi Mokalake‘s got you covered with your essentials list for the perfect Braai.
  • 1. Wood or coal fire

It’s not an authentic braai if you’re using a gas grill. Cooking over a live wood or coal fire gives your meat or veggies that distinct aroma and flavour that makes the braai unique.

  • 2. Fire Starters

Without the fire, there is no braai. Make sure you have all the necessary accessories on hand for the perfect flame. Basics include matches, lighters and firelighters.

  • 3. Thermometer

Starting the braai fire can be pretty intimidating. The more experienced ‘braai masters’ can usually gauge the heat by simply looking at it. If that’s not you, that’s okay. There’s a wide range of thermometers to take care of that. The more advanced ones even have remote digital settings, meaning that you don’t have to hover over the braai constantly, and you can monitor the heat as you pour your drinks.

  • 4. Basting brush

The thing about the braai is that it loves a bit of attention; that is why there’s always a group of people huddled around it at every gathering, over and above making sure the flame is always right, the food must be basted constantly, to lock in the flavour and ensure it stays moist throughout the cooking process.

  • 5. Variety

Traditionally, the braai was all about the meat. And although it remains a central element, you can now make a wide variety of food over the open flame; a whole haddock or salmon, roast vegetables, and even dessert. The wide selection is excellent for catering for different dietary needs.

  • 6. Flavour

Seasoning, seasoning, seasoning! You don’t want to throw your food on the braai without ensuring the result is tasty! Have your spices, sauces and aromatics ready to elevate your meat and veggies.

  • 7. Ice and ice cooler

The drinks must always be cold. Chill them ahead of time to ensure they’re cool from when your first guest arrives.

  • 8. Snacks

Before-the-braai nibbles are a great idea to keep the hunger at bay as you wait for the main braai meal to be ready. Have biltong and dried fruit platters prepared for your guests, some jalapeno poppers, grilled pineapple for a fresh element or take it up a level with a full-on braai-appropriate grazing table.

  • 9. Braai Grid

A braai grid is always a great idea for fuss-free manoeuvring of food. It works well for almost everything; boerewors, vegetables, fish or bread, all can be turned for even cooking with ease using this tool.

  • 10. Chakalaka

The Chakalaka deserves a special mention of its own. This legendary side packs all the heat and flavour needed for the perfect accompaniment to the main braai element. It’s a salsa-like relish with many variations, including baked beans, bell peppers, chilli, carrots, tomatoes, onions and spices; the flavour combinations are endless, but the delicious taste is a constant!

*Alcohol is not for Sale to Any Persons under the Age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.

2022 Standard Bank Luju Food And Lifestyle Festival

2022 Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival

Eswatini’s LUJU Food and Lifestyle festival was a family-friendly feast of culinary exploits, connoisseur-led premium wine and whiskey showcases, fine music, colourful fashion and wholesome entertainment. Through culinary showcases by celebrity chefs and high-end fashion designs inspired by the Luju ethos “A Return to the African Future”, the festival celebrated the sophistication and elegance of the African vintage style, creative design and delicacies.