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The Perfect Serve

Restaurants itinerary for our holiday travels

Siba The Restaurant - Cape Town

Siba The Restaurant offers an iconic 5-star dining experience in the heart of Cape Town. Serving unique recipes that encompass world flavours with an African flair, passionately prepared by inspirational chefs.

Hero - Nairobi

A new kind of eatery at the intersection of design, fantasy, indulgence and individuality. Built as a speakeasy with a discrete entrance and prohibition-style bar; the concept invites you to be members of a secret space. “Bridging fantasy and reality, the space and food celebrate heroes from comics and from our own community; the thought leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, do-gooders, champions of humanity and protectors of the environment.”

Marc's Eatery - Maun

A thriving Eatery run by a dynamic team who proudly express their passion by creating delicious home-made temptations served in a stylish, sociable oasis that indulges all the senses.